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Sydney Consortium TV features talks, readings, presentations and films from events and collaborations with our partners. Scroll down to see featured content from London Consortium TV.

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Biodiversity and the Arts

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Australian Museum, September 11, 2010 (see events section for more details) A video introduction to this event (1 min).






Judith Beveridge performs her poem on tigers for Biodiversity and the Arts (40 sec).

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On Knowledge

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State Library of New South Wales, October 17, 2010 (see events section for more details). A video introduction to this event (30 sec).





Julia Kindt (Classical Scholar, Sydney University) discusses the Delphic oracle as an ancient seat of knowledge (6min 52sec)

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Recently Added

A video on ethics and ethology created by the consortium for the exhibition Birds of Paradise: Rituals of Seduction at the Australian Museum




London Consortium TV: Featured Video

Below is a video that we are currently featuring from London Consortium TV. It is a fragment of a meeting between the actress Tilda Swinton and the artist, critic and author John Berger. Click through to the LCTV website for more videos from this and other projects.

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